Heavy Seas Tasting on Friday 4/20!!!

Come by and try some of Maryland’s best beers!
With every 2 6pks you get some Heavy Seas gear!

Here is a link to BeerAdvocate.com’s reviews on Heavy Seas


Natty Bohs!

30pk for $13.99!!
Warm weather…. Grab some Bohs!


Bordeleau Wine Tasting! 4/13

Come by on Friday the 13th to try some Maryland wines. The wine tasting begins 4 get here quickly before the samples run dry.


Visit our local winery at http://www.bordeleauwine.com/

Is that MORE Nugget Nectar?!?!?!?

Thank you TRÖEGS!
Here in Maryland we are lucky enough to be one of the 8 states Troegs beer is available. That being said, the availability of the brewery’s most popular ales is limited. Here at cheers we got a shipment from the second batch and we couldn’t be happier!


Shock Top Shandy!

Everyone loves a refreshing beverage during the warm summer/spring seasons, come by and pick up a 6pk of Shock Top.
Shock Top is introducing a Shandy to it’s summer line up, and it’s a good crisp beer.
Here at Cheers! We have a few shandy options, special thanks to Shock Top for adding to our inventory!


New Belgium Cans!!

The can craze is taking over, and here at Cheers! We aren’t mad at it.
Imagine how many of these bad boys you can fit in a cooler, Bring On The Warm Weather

BeerAdvocate.com’s review of New Belgium

More Ale From Colorado!

This time we are talking about Breckenridge’s summer offering. Our crew thinks its tasty, what about you?


Oh yeah and it’s a can!
Find the review!

Boulder Brewing Co’s New Spring Beer!!


This blueberry wheat beer is delicious!

Brooklyn Brewery is Going Can


New Brooklyn Brewery IPA and Lager 12pack cans!!!!!
It is a glorious day when we see more cans come in our doors.
Don’t forget to try their just released Summer Ale! (6pk in middle)

Here is BeerAdvocate.com’s page on Brooklyn Brewery

Sometimes You Have To Beer About It

A case of MGD pony bottles for $8.99???? Usually $4.49 an 8 pack!!!!!